Transfiguration of the Lord


It is fitting for us to know that God is incorporeal, simple and without form and that he admits of no circumscription. Although it pertains to his nature not to be able to be circumscribed, very often to help us he makes use of visions, whenever he wills. And one can see that he appears to Abraham in one way, to Moses in another and to Isaiah in yet another; likewise, he showed Ezekiel still a different appearance. Therefore, whenever you see the variety of revelation, do not think that God has many forms, but rather listen to God as he speaks through the prophet Hosea: “I multiplied the visions, and I was proclaimed in parables in the warnings of the prophets.” He said, “I adopted likenesses,” not I appeared. He fashions in a vision however it suits him. So too blessed Ezekiel, when he had at length pondered on him whom he had seen to consist of gold and fire, added as he narrated the vision, “These things are an image of the glory of the Lord.” And he did not say that he had seen the Lord or even the Lord’s glory but rather something resembling the glory of the Lord. read more

Thirty-Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

“The end of all things,” is not something we need to fear.  In the vision of God, the end is also always the beginning.  By His Words, Jesus is able to destroy what is earthly and lay bare the bases of our heart.  How have we built our lives?  What criteria has been the ultimate deciding factor in our decisions?  When we are tested, how do we respond?  The Lord has not created us to crumple in fear, He has not created us so that our weakness might be our downfall.  The Lord’s Words to us are sometimes a clear summons to stand firm in the face of evil, of sin, of temptation, and of confusion.  We may be afraid that we will not have what it takes to come out victorious.  We have seen great men fall: they have been beaten in battle, they have succumbed to the pressures of temptation and brought shame upon themselves and upon us all.  Great warriors and heroes of goodness have become slaves to their own passion and lust. read more

Saint Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, Archangels


Remember the vision of Daniel and how he brings the judgment before us … clearly disclosing in the hearing of all, angels and human beings, things good and evil, things done openly and in secret, deeds, words and thoughts all at once. What then must those people be who have lived wicked lives? Where then shall that soul hide that in the sight of all these spectators shall suddenly be revealed in its fullness of shame? With what kind of body shall it sustain those endless and unbearable pangs … without end? There is no release after death; no device, no means of coming forth from the chastisement of pain. read more