Friday of the Fifth Week of Easter

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Let us remember…

Welcome Mullen class of 2024 to your senior year. This is a very important time for each and every one of you personally, an important time for your family, and an important time for our Mullen community. On the one hand, it is true, the simple fact of continuing to be around from year to year has brought you to this moment. Every year we have a senior class, and it is composed of those who have completed their junior year. It is true, from one perspective, you haven’t done anything particularly different from all those senior classes who preceded you in arriving at this moment. From another perspective, however, and the one that is important to us in our LaSallian community, we see a new call from God upon your lives. It is natural to acquire authority and influence with age. It is natural, because God Himself wants it that way. God Himself, in the very way that he created your human nature, gives you increasing influence over your fellows as you age. Because God Himself is increasing your influence and authority naturally, he is calling you to use it for good, for his purpose, for the benefit of our community, and by extension, for the benefit of humanity itself. read more

Friday of the Second Week of Easter

As I reflect on the Gospel reading of today, which tells the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000, I am struck by the power of faith and the abundance that comes from sharing what we have with others. Jesus took a few loaves of bread and fish and was able to feed a multitude of people, showing us that when we trust in God’s provision, miracles can happen.

I know that I am being called to share the gifts I have, though they may seem inadequate compared to the great mission I’ve been entrusted with. I trust God’s goodness and generosity to supply whatever is lacking! I am excited to share with you today about my new role as the pastor of St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic Parish. It is a great honor to be entrusted with this responsibility, and I am eager to see what God has in store for us on this great journey. read more

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