Sunday of the Second Week in Ordinary Time

When I lived in Laredo, we were always getting people who knocked on the door wanting to talk to someone. We even had visits, like many of you, from Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. I think it was actually one of our brothers at the time who had run into some Mormons and invited them for a chat at the monastery. At any rate, I was the one who opened the door for this group of about six young men, early twenties at most, and had a brief conversation with them before the brother who had invited them arrived. They were all wearing name tags and as I examined them I chuckled aloud and said, “Hey, you all have the same first name!”  The first name on all of their name tags was “Elder.”  They just smiled at me and chuckled as well, about thirty seconds later I realized my error. read more

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