Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Today’s Gospel brings us to the beginning of Christ’s apostolic life and ministry.  The Third Luminous Mystery is a meditation on this specific moment in the life of Christ.  Before Christ’s parables, before Jesus begins to teach us more clearly about His relationship with the Father and the Holy Spirit – before He tells His disciples about His coming death and Resurrection – He calls to conversion.  In a lot of ways He simply continues the message of John the Baptist, the main thing that changes is the urgency.  While it was urgent for the Jews to convert when John the Baptist was preaching, preparing for the imminent arrival of the messiah, it becomes even more imperative when the true identity of Jesus is made known at His Baptism.  Now it is no longer, “get ready because the messiah is almost here,” instead it is, “now the messiah is standing right in front of you: behold the Lamb of God.”  Jesus says, “repent because the Kingdom of Heaven is now here, present in your midst.”  Jesus Himself is the Kingdom of Heaven – those He calls to join Him and who attach themselves to Him enjoy already the peace that only God can give. read more