Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Woman with an Issue of Blood

Our Christian life must progressively become a constant reaching out in faith to Jesus for healing.  There is a constant temptation to imagine we have been healed and no longer need a Healer or Savior.  Our condition on this earth and in this present life is that of a beggar.  The beatitude of the poor in spirit draws us into the attitude of faith that gains us a hearing with the one whose love despises not the helpless and broken.  Our issue of blood is our sin.  Nothing we have done, nor any recommendations given by the physicians of this age have brought us peace or healing.  The blood that leaks out of our heart is our life, our hopes,  and our ideals progressively draining away.  Surely we will die without a physician who actually understands our problem!  The operation is not complicated, it is as simple as grasping a dangling thread.  Our act of faith moves us completely beyond the dead-end of our earthly existence and fruitless striving for happiness.  Healer of the hidden corner of darkness in our souls, gently deliver us from the heaviness we cling to!  I surrender to your tender, loving, and healing embrace. read more