Thursday of the Thirteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Sketch by Brie Schulze

“Your sins are forgiven!”  These words bring consolation to those of us who understand that we need forgiveness, and who understand that we have sinned.  For someone who has not understood either sin or forgiveness, it could seem like mere words or like something unimportant.  We don’t know exactly what thoughts passed through the mind of the paralytic because he remained silent, but Jesus’ first words to him were not about curing his paralysis.  The man didn’t seem to ask for forgiveness, nor did he seem to come to Jesus looking for anything other than a cure.  Certainly Jesus reads hearts and minds, however, and provides the man immediately with the treatment that corresponds to his greatest suffering.  The physical suffering may have incited the man to ask to be brought to Jesus, then again, the man may have discerned the greater moral suffering he endured from his sins and relied on his physical disability to be brought by others to Jesus. read more