Friday of the Fifteenth Week in Ordinary Time

Jesus confronts the Pharisees with God’s own perspective on what is needed to receive grace and salvation.  The people demanded a temple in which to perform their liturgies and sacrifices – this was not God’s demand.  God had something else in mind, but in His Providence He made provision for what the people thought they needed to render God fitting worship.  “Will you build me a house?”  The Law was given for instruction – it was never intended to be used against man.  It was given so that he might see clearly the burden he carries – his sin, his mortality, his essential solitude before the Judge of all.  It was given to make clear to man the difference between the ways of eternal life and death.  The Law was never intended to become a refuge for the perfect, the proud, the strong, as a weapon of subjugation to be used against the weak and broken. read more