Friday of the Seventeenth Week in Ordinary Time

The Word of God deals with the subject of conversion in today’s readings.  Conversion is certainly not a one-sided process.  God does not simply wait patiently for us to repent one day of our sins.  The threats of the Old Testament prophets were delivered in order to provoke swifter conversion.  God “repents,” of the evil He threatened to commit when the people repent.  Fear issues from our conscience when we face the threat of punishment.  There are consequences for our actions, and God does not want to us to forget that the eternal consequences are far more important than the temporal ones.  Indeed, there are no discernable temporal consequences of a refusal to listen to God’s Word.  Conversion is certainly the free and willing change that takes place in the mind and heart of a sinner.  Conversion is more importantly a change of mind and heart about the Word of God.  This Word can come to us from unexpected places, it can catch us by surprise, it can challenge us and condemn us.  Most importantly, this Word can save us.  The goal of conversion is salvation, healing, liberation, and illumination: all of these take place in the heart of someone who believes in the Word of God. read more