Tuesday of the Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time

Sketch by Brie Schulze

St. Augustine gives us a very strange principle to understand the phrase of Jesus about not casting our pearl before swine.  “We must be careful not to reveal anything to one who cannot bear it, for it is better that one make a search for what is concealed than assail or despise what is revealed.”  How are we to understand this in the context of Evangelization.  Jesus gives us the image of the Word of God that is almost and seemingly carelessly scattered everywhere: good soil, rocky soil, the road, etc.  He contrasts this image with the pearl: something valuable that ought not be given away easily.  When we are sent to bring the good news to people, it is the Word of God itself that we should sow liberally.  We ought not distribute as liberally how the Word has become a treasure in our hearts personally.  If we reveal to others how suffering and toil with the Word have caused it to become the treasure of our hearts, they may reject it and – because it exposes our vulnerability – injure us in the process.  The Word of God is different, it is God Himself who speaks and if we communicate that Word to others, He Himself bears the brunt of any insult or rejection.  Pearls are reserved for those who already believe but struggle and find it difficult. read more