Saturday of the Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time

Sketch by Brie Schulze

The centurion always makes me stop to consider how immense Jesus’ mercy is.  What boundless compassion He has for those who suffer.  This man, this centurion, commands a hundred men, leads them and directs them.  When he comes before Jesus he is so humbled, he simply admits that he is unworthy.  This should strike us as somewhat strange because he is not an ordinary man, he is not a follower, he is not someone who just goes with the flow.  Most of us, if we are honest, would be in agreement with this centurion – we are not worthy for Jesus to visit our house.  However the difference is that this centurion is of higher standing than most of us.  Even the mighty and those of high estate in this world must recognize their lowliness and humble themselves before the Lord. read more