Tuesday of the Twenty-Fourth Week in Ordinary Time

The Lord’s command, “Do not weep,” certainly seems frustrating – as though there were a more obvious appropriate response.  In the past healings we’ve seen in Luke’s Gospel, some kind of request was made – Jesus was asked to heal.  In today’s Gospel, we see that the tears of a mother weeping over the death of her only son is stronger and more pertinent than the various forms of intercession.  Jesus does not wait for her to ask something of Him: her tears and her devastation are enough to move Him.  God does not remain unmoved by our suffering or grief until we make some kind of effort to pray.  The Word became flesh so that flesh itself might become instrumental in our healing and our relationship with God.  The young man is brought back to life in the flesh at the mere touch of Jesus.  That contact, that physical gesture, brought the full power of the Word of Life to bear on the flesh of the dead. read more