Saturday of the Fourth Week of Easter


The Son reveals the knowledge of the Father through his own manifestation. For the manifestation of the Son is the knowledge of the Father, since all things are manifested through the Word.1


It was not the carnal body that he had received by birth from the Virgin that could manifest to them the image and likeness of God. The human aspect that he wore could be no aid toward the mental vision of the incorporeal God. But God was recognized in Christ by those who recognized Christ as the Son on the evidence of the powers of his divine nature. And a recognition of God the Son produces a recognition of God the Father. For the Son is in such a sense the image as to be one in kind with the Father and yet in a way that indicates that the Father is his origin.2


By “sight,” he means knowledge by intellectual perception. For those who are seen we may see but not know. Those, however, who are known we cannot both know and not know.… These words are used so that you may learn that the one who has seen him knows him who begat him.4 But they beheld him not in his unveiled essence but clothed with flesh.3




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