Saint Philip Neri, Priest

St. Philip Neri by Brie Schulze

St. Philip certainly had a rare gift.  He was filled with the love of God to such a great extent that he became irresistible to all those whom he met.  He had a great desire to love people for who they are because he experienced the love of God in an extraordinary way.  He gives us the consoling example that our religion is not first about a form or practice of piety but rather about a heart that burns to love and meet people as they are, and burns to love God as He is.  Sometimes we hear ourselves saying, “if only this person was <blank>” or “if God is so good why doesn’t He <blank>.”  We extinguish the fire of love in our hearts by requiring God and others to conform to the way we would prefer them to be.  The secret to Philip Neri’s heart was how it would burn through all expectations and requirements He could have put on others and on God. read more