Thursday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Christ’s prayer for unity reminds us how important it is for us to seek peace and harmony with those around us. It is so easy to fall into self-righteousness and to use what we think the truth is as a weapon of hatred believing that we have become the defenders of justice. The truth is ultimately that the Father loves the Son and that they are one. This truth is ours to believe so that the unity of Father and Son becomes part of our own life and that their unity becomes the root and cause of our union with others. Justice, truth, righteousness, are expected of us within the context and as a consequence of Love, otherwise they become destructive.


The Sadducees know of nothing incorporeal, perhaps not even God, so thick-headed are they. Consequently, they are also unwilling to believe that there is a resurrection.1


[This passage] shows that since human beings cannot, so to speak, be fused back into God or themselves coalesce into one undistinguished mass, this oneness must arise from unity of will, as all perform actions pleasing to God and unite with one another in the harmonious agreement of their thoughts. Therefore, it is not nature that makes them one but will.2


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