Tuesday in the Octave of Easter


“Acts 2:41 (ACCS Ac): Firstfruits. Bede: On the fiftieth day of Passover, when the law was given, Moses indeed ordered the festival of firstfruits to be introduced. Now, however, with the coming of the Holy Spirit, it is not sheaves of grain but the firstfruits of souls that are consecrated to the Lord.”1

“Noteworthy in v 38 are the four elements of Peter’s answer to the question posed by his listeners: They are to (1) reform their lives, (2) be baptized, (3) have their sins forgiven, and (4) receive the Holy Spirit. Peter’s answer thus differs from the answer given by the Baptist in Luke 3:10, 12, 14, when he was asked what they were to do. Here one has a glimpse of Luke’s understanding of Christian baptism. Two of the elements call for personal cooperation, and two reveal the effects of Christian conversion.”2


  1. Bede, Commentary on the Acts of the Apostles 2.41.
  2. Acts of the Apostles, Anchor Yale Bible Commentary, J. A. Fitzmyer, p. 265 vol. 31.
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